Pet Shop Boys were (nearly) right


“I’ve got the brains, you’ve got the looks, let’s make lots of money”

Is collaboration better than competition? I think it probably is when taken as a fundamental business operating system i.e. when brands that share a common belief get together to explore new opportunities together.

What we mean by collaboration as an operating model is a root and branch rethink of the way business actually works – away from a market share driven approach to something based around share of wallet.

Old school thinking:

Define a competitive position and defend it

Grow by increasing market share i.e. selling what you do to more people

Keep resources such as smarts, technology, talent to yourself (see them as a source of competitive advantage)

New school:

Define the role you play in people’s lives and seek out others who share that role

Grow by increasing share of wallet i.e. extend what you do in order to meet the needs of your constituents

Share resources with other like minded organisations who share the same belief system – who share your aims
Unilever and Ben & Jerry’s not Faceboook and Instagram

Bono + RED not + Intel (difficult to say who comes out worse from this, I reckon Intel..)

Tata Docomo not Google Motorola (a misjudgement for sure, a great example of two completely opposed motives – patents vs survival)

Maybe it’s a new way to think about collaboration – a match based on belief rather than capability. A union based on love rather than convenience?


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