Why Google should demand to be regulated

A 3 year old I know well was talking about nursery etiquette and 'sharing'. This is a thorny issue - if you desperately want to play with a toy and someone else has it first you "either have to wait your turn" (very hard) or say "please may I play with the toy now?". If … Continue reading Why Google should demand to be regulated


‘Purpose’ – great for taking out the trash, even better for growth

Antony Jenkins has got it. Shutting down Barclays' (hugely profitable) SCM unit because it was 'incompatible with our purpose' is a brave move and the right move. Let's hope he succeeds in turning round the culture despite the sneering of US bankers yearning for Cap'n Bob. But here's the thing - whilst 'purpose' is great … Continue reading ‘Purpose’ – great for taking out the trash, even better for growth

Tax needs a rebrand

Tax avoiders Before Google and Amazon, before Starbucks, before Vodafone there was Jimmy Carr The fuss over a hypocritical comedian’s use of a tax avoidance scheme sheds light on tax and our attitudes towards it. Why do we see tax as a necessary evil -  something to be avoided as much as possible? Where winners … Continue reading Tax needs a rebrand

Pet Shop Boys were (nearly) right

“I’ve got the brains, you’ve got the looks, let’s make lots of money” Is collaboration better than competition? I think it probably is when taken as a fundamental business operating system i.e. when brands that share a common belief get together to explore new opportunities together. What we mean by collaboration as an operating model … Continue reading Pet Shop Boys were (nearly) right