Good growth

Is 'growth' always a good thing? I've been in 'growth' my entire working life. It's been the goal of (just about) every organisation I've worked at or advised. They've all wanted to grow: grab more market share; break into a new category; drive up margins; scale new propositions; hire more staff; have a bigger footprint … Continue reading Good growth

Drugs and charity make better business

Drugs and charity Save the Children and GSK have formed a partnership to improve health in some of the world's poorest countries. The two organisations will collaborate both in the development of affordable treatments and also in the building of healthcare infrastructure - through training more healthcare workers. Responses vary - 'it's a cynical CSR … Continue reading Drugs and charity make better business

Profit isn’t a dirty word

I've had a thought provoking week that has reinforced my conviction that business has a much bigger role to play in creating postive social and economic change. We spent some time at Jamie's Farm on Thursday - an inspiring venture in care farming in Wiltshire. A growing movement - care farms are a gentle yet … Continue reading Profit isn’t a dirty word