Good growth

Is 'growth' always a good thing? I've been in 'growth' my entire working life. It's been the goal of (just about) every organisation I've worked at or advised. They've all wanted to grow: grab more market share; break into a new category; drive up margins; scale new propositions; hire more staff; have a bigger footprint … Continue reading Good growth

No more superhero leaders – please

Just when it couldn't get any worse for Tesco, it does. It wasn't so long ago that we all marvelled at Tesco - the benign behemoth with the rock solid share price. Sure most people didn't love Tesco, but at the same time they couldn't live without it either. This year the share price has tanked … Continue reading No more superhero leaders – please

Buying cheap clothing kills people – doesn’t it?

How should we respond to the Bangladesh clothing factory disaster? It's two weeks since the Rana Plaza factory building in Bangladesh collapsed. So far more than 800 1000 bodies have been fished out of the rubble. Nobody seems to know how many more there might be. Most - if not all - the people who worked … Continue reading Buying cheap clothing kills people – doesn’t it?

Profit isn’t a dirty word

I've had a thought provoking week that has reinforced my conviction that business has a much bigger role to play in creating postive social and economic change. We spent some time at Jamie's Farm on Thursday - an inspiring venture in care farming in Wiltshire. A growing movement - care farms are a gentle yet … Continue reading Profit isn’t a dirty word

We’ll build the cars, you build the roads

I’ve been in India for a bit with the wonderful people from Leaders’ Quest. The idea is that a group of people – generally at the top of their respective fields - go and share an experience that is in some ways deeply discomforting but in others life affirming and energizing. If you’re interested in … Continue reading We’ll build the cars, you build the roads