Too broken? Pensions ain’t working

The UK pensions and savings system is more broken than ever - and it's not getting better With our recent political landscape resembling a Tarantino-produced version of musical chairs it's all too clear that some of our pressing problems just can't be addressed within the mayfly-like duration of a political term of office. Climate change for … Continue reading Too broken? Pensions ain’t working


Unsafe pensions – much more is needed to protect a new generation of savers

Auto-enrolment is on track to disappoint a generation of new savers We don't save enough. Generous pensions are a thing of the past, or the preserve of the lucky few. Some of the pension promises made in that past can't be delivered. Many of us, maybe most of us, face an uncertain financial future. Automatic enrolment into … Continue reading Unsafe pensions – much more is needed to protect a new generation of savers

Workplace pensions – take care, take care, take care

A hard rain's gonna fall? Pensions: given just how much money is tied up in them, and how much they could impact the way we all live (whether we're paying for them or living off them), it's remarkable just how little airtime they get. Which is a shame - because right now, in workplace pensions, millions … Continue reading Workplace pensions – take care, take care, take care

Live long and prosper

Mr Spock's farewell is looking increasingly more like a forlorn hope. We're all living longer but scarcely any of us have got anything like the kind of money we need to look after ourselves (let alone prosper) in our 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Aside the lucky 2% who have enough put by the vast … Continue reading Live long and prosper

Just put your lips together and blow

Ever seen an orange postman? You might have done if you live in a city, where TNT - latterly "Whistl" - has been rolling out its "final mile" delivery service to rival Royal Mail's "final mile" delivery service. This week, whilst most of us were wondering just how staggeringly inaccurate online opinion polls* can be, … Continue reading Just put your lips together and blow

In sickness and in health

Human beings are pretty good at falling in love. So why is it that politicians and business folk are so bafflingly bad at choosing the right partners? Red or white? in 1951 the two main political parties in the UK polled 48% and 49% of the vote. It was a straight them or us choice. And … Continue reading In sickness and in health

Suffocating, solving the wrong problem

Smog I was in Mumbai at the back end of last year. At least I thought I was. As I looked out of my isolated-from-reality-and-sound proofed hotel room I realised I couldn't hear the city. And I couldn't see it. The smog was dense and wound its way to the back of my throat despite … Continue reading Suffocating, solving the wrong problem

No more superhero leaders – please

Just when it couldn't get any worse for Tesco, it does. It wasn't so long ago that we all marvelled at Tesco - the benign behemoth with the rock solid share price. Sure most people didn't love Tesco, but at the same time they couldn't live without it either. This year the share price has tanked … Continue reading No more superhero leaders – please

Uber, the horseless carriage and the revolution

A couple of weeks back it was tough to get around quite a few big cities because the cab drivers were protesting - at an app. The app makes it easier for customers and cabs to find each other - thereby reducing poor utilisation, and (here's the anxiety) massively reducing the barriers to entry for becoming … Continue reading Uber, the horseless carriage and the revolution

Very loud, very noisy. Of UKIP and Tesla.

Back again. Been cooking up something new - more of which later. In the meantime there is much to talk about - like a resurgence of nationalism and how to create really disruptive change. Not the kind of ripples that comes from lobbing stones from the side (or the pub), but the serious "world will never … Continue reading Very loud, very noisy. Of UKIP and Tesla.