Good growth

Is 'growth' always a good thing? I've been in 'growth' my entire working life. It's been the goal of (just about) every organisation I've worked at or advised. They've all wanted to grow: grab more market share; break into a new category; drive up margins; scale new propositions; hire more staff; have a bigger footprint … Continue reading Good growth

In sickness and in health

Human beings are pretty good at falling in love. So why is it that politicians and business folk are so bafflingly bad at choosing the right partners? Red or white? in 1951 the two main political parties in the UK polled 48% and 49% of the vote. It was a straight them or us choice. And … Continue reading In sickness and in health

No more superhero leaders – please

Just when it couldn't get any worse for Tesco, it does. It wasn't so long ago that we all marvelled at Tesco - the benign behemoth with the rock solid share price. Sure most people didn't love Tesco, but at the same time they couldn't live without it either. This year the share price has tanked … Continue reading No more superhero leaders – please

Just shut your eyes and jump – clarity comes later

This week has been all about "how". Away with your beautiful diagrams and boxes mr consultant - let's get gritty. How do we kickstart growth? Where do we start? What's the first step? What's the second step? How do we keep it going?  These are all tough but necessary questions. Asked not by rinky dinky … Continue reading Just shut your eyes and jump – clarity comes later

‘Purpose’ – great for taking out the trash, even better for growth

Antony Jenkins has got it. Shutting down Barclays' (hugely profitable) SCM unit because it was 'incompatible with our purpose' is a brave move and the right move. Let's hope he succeeds in turning round the culture despite the sneering of US bankers yearning for Cap'n Bob. But here's the thing - whilst 'purpose' is great … Continue reading ‘Purpose’ – great for taking out the trash, even better for growth